About This Blog

My name is Johnny and I am aspiring Musician and DJ.  This blog chronicles my efforts to get out and play more.  

You are probably here for one of the following reasons:

A. You enjoy my music and you are part of my small, but growing fan base.  I uploaded my first mix to Soundcloud and today I’ve got a little over 75 followers.  We all have to start somewhere.  You are the main reason why I keep doing this.  Thanks for your support.

B. You are part of the global community of aspiring musicians, superstars, and bedroom DJs and you are interested in my journey to get out of the bedroom and play to a real live crowd.  We all dream of someday playing to a crowd of music loving party-goers, but whether we ever make it there or not is almost irrelevant when you consider how much fun the journey can be.

As I continue to pursue my passion for all things related to Electronic Dance Music (EDM), I’ll share with you all my trials, tribulations, research, findings, and most importantly of all, my music.  

Thanks for stopping by.


~ by thisisjohnny on April 17, 2013.

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